The Hope Story v0.1.3 (Demo) Download Able

The Hope Story v0.1.3 (Demo) Download Able

The Hope Story v0.1.2 (Demo) Download Able

Update terbaru dari The Hope Story akhirnya selesai juga. v0.1.3 banyak sekali tambahan dan perubahan serta menstabilkan game tersebut supaya fans The Hope Story bisa terus bertahan dan lanjut berpertualang bersama Hope.

Ini dia update The Hope Story v0.1.3 :

  • Change agility Hope , Leria and Gaza for more balance with monster.
  • Increase attack damage from Bee , Rac , One Eye Slime and Thief.
  • Fix some english.
  • Fix some animation.
  • Improve some animation.
  • Sort the item on item shop.
  • Fix transfer character from Celestica City to Regarian Forest
  • Add drop from monster One Eye Slime.
  • Add more Map Name Board.
  • Fix Equipment.
  • Fix Skill Gaza.
  • Change battle map design.
  • When Leria and Gaza join party already equip the weapon.
  • New Map Regarian Dungeon.
  • New Boss Sub Quest
  • Add new monster.

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